General Terms

1.Please read and understand the terms and conditions carefully
2. You must be 18 years or older and legally permitted to access Internet services in your country of residence
3. We provide buying, selling and affiliate activities for Users are required to verify whether it is permissible to use our services in their location.
4. This agreement is between the end user and, an online system

Products, Services, and Payments

1.User Information-The user of must provide accurate information related to personal identification, e-currency account details and bank details during the order process. Bank transactions and digital currency transfers are not reversible resulting from inaccurate account numbers

2.Bank Transfers-Bank transfers typically take anywhere between 1 minute to 96 hours, following receipt of funds by

3.Pending Orders- Pending orders i.e. orders awaiting payment from users will be deleted automatically within 3-10 days

4.Verification of Identity- Identity proof is mandatory for all users registered with for verification purposes, failing which the user order might be declined. The purpose of verification is to protect from being used in any form of criminal activity (identity theft, auction fraud etc.)

5. Identification Documents- Identification documents required for verification purposes include scanned copies of valid Photo ID, address proof and scanned copies of utility bills.

6.Refund Policy-Identification documents required for verification purposes include scanned copies of valid Photo ID, address proof and scanned copies of utility bills.

7.Prepaid Virtual Cards–Prepaid virtual credit cards can be destroyed after using them. We are not responsible for any reversals or refunds on your card.

Privacy Policy

All customer information is for registration purposes only. We will never trade your personal information for paid advertising or marketing. In the case of fraudulent activity, we are at the liberty to seek legal assistance and report the underlying cyber crime. Therefore, the applicability of our privacy policy is limited to genuine customers and not fraudsters. It is compliant with international legislation and personal data protection mandates

Acceptance of Terms

By using, you imply agreement with respect to our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change any portion of this privacy policy at our discretion without notifying our customers.

Customer Identification and Verification Requirements

We collect customer identification information during web-based registration and verify your documentary evidence. Money laundering is a serious criminal offense at Documents required for identity proof include:

Identity Proof documents:

IIdentity proof and address proof requirements:

Identity proof and address proof requirements:

Address proof criteria: